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If you’re looking for cooking inspiration you’re in the right place as we have selected some of our favourite goat recipes. You can also search the internet try BBC foodGreat British Chefs and The Guardian. Alternatively you could buy James' award-winning book 'Goat' that has 90 recipes from James and other well-known chefs.

Seasoned Yoghurt

Seasoned yoghurt is a good one to have up your sleeve to serve with chops, kofte, kebabs and biryani

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Slaw and Beans

Slaw is a very versatile side, good with the meatballs when stuffed in a pitta or with the chops just off the barbecue. Also good with chops off the barbecue and with a healthy dose of slaw is some good old home cooked beans.

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Homemade flatbreads are so easy and so much better than shop bought ones. Make them once and you’ll never buy them again.

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Braised Lentils

The Italian meatballs and the sausages both go well with the braised lentils. Add a spoon full of salsa verde of the full Italian effect.

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