Family Recipes

Kid Kofta Kebab with Sumac

A crowd-pleaser. Kofte is the term used in many parts of the world for a type of meatball that is essentially meat on a stick. Enjoy experimenting with different spice combinations.

Persian Kebab

The spice mix for this kebab is based on ‘advieh’, an aromatic Persian spice blend. Its gentle – feel free to turn up the heat if you prefer.

Indonesian Goat Satay (Satay Kambing)

The most traditional of the Satays, cooked over coconut-shell fire but a BBQ or even a grill will do!

Seasoned Yoghurt

Seasoned yoghurt is a good one to have up your sleeve to serve with chops, kofte, kebabs and biryani


Lahmacun (pronounced lah-ma-jun) In summer serve lahmacun with wedges of lemon, slices of ripe tomato and a big bunch of flat leaf parsley to put in the middle and roll up before eating. In winter replace the tomato with a drizzle of pomegranate molasses, add toasted pine nuts and parsley.

Kid Leg Roasted Over Rice with Cinnamon

This kid leg roasted over rice is a simple way to feed a crowd and looks fantastic when you put it down in the centre of the table.

Kid Meat Loaf

An American classic, Meatloaf is a great way to feed a few people.

Kid Cassoulet

Cassoulet is a fine, fine thing…

Goat Shanks & Quince Tagine

Tagine is perhaps the best-known North African dish and deserves its notoriety. The combination of spice, fruit and meat is greater than the sum of its parts.


Homemade flatbreads are so easy and so much better than shop bought ones. Make them once and you’ll never buy them again.

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