Delivery & Storage


We deliver UK nationwide via DPD courier but there are some restrictions for the Scottish Highlands, Ireland and Channel Islands.

If you live in the Scottish Highlands, Ireland or the Channel Islands please check with us about your delivery options

We have a minimum order of £10.

Through trial and error, we have figured out delivery charges that we hope are fair to you, and affordable for us!

Delivery Costs

Order Total Postage Fee
Over £50 Free
Under £50 £7.00
Under £25 £10.00

Delivery Times

When you place your Cabrito Goat Meat order we will send you a confirmation email. (Please check your junk mail if you dont receive this within a few hours.)

We usually deliver on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Your box will be delivered by DPD courier who are a carbon neutral company. They don’t deliver for us on Sundays, bank holidays or Mondays.

Delivery Process

  1. Place your order.
  2. Receive an order confirmation email from Cabrito Goat Meat.
  3. Receive an email from DPD with the day that your delivery will arrive
    (please bear in mind this could be up to 5 days after you ordered). At this point you can advise the driver if they need to put the box in a safe place or leave it with a neighbour (please note you are not able to change the delivery address).
  4. Receive an email from DPD on the morning of your delivery day with an estimated delivery hour.
  5. Receive your box of goat meat!

We will always do our best to accommodate you, so if you wish to receive your delivery on a specific day please write this in the notes section when you order and email

Please note that on the rare occasion that a packing mistake is made we will refund you for the missing item, not resend as unfortunately it costs too much (postage and packaging) to replace individual items.

Why Frozen?

Our individually wrapped packages mean you have full control over your food waste. Defrosting is easy. Simply pop your meat, still in its packaging into cool water for 15 minutes, before unwrapping and cooking. Larger joints will take longer with this method, or you can thaw any items overnight in the fridge or at room temperature. So why do we freeze our meats?

  1. It reduces waste. As a company that was founded on reducing waste in our food system we don’t want to end up throwing away delicious meat. Some cuts are more popular than others so in order to balance the carcass, freezing is the best solution to reduce this waste.
  2. It doesn’t compromise on taste. Freezing is natures’ way of preserving, and not only that it actually locks in the nutrients, so all in all it’s a great way to preserve for longer.
  3. If you are called away unexpectedly and your goat meat is left out of the freezer, the WoolCool insulation will keep it fresh for at least 36 hours (from dispatch time). If it has defrosted we advise that you eat it within 5 days or cook and refreeze. So long as your meat is under 5C it will be kept in perfect condition in the WoolCool packaging.


We strive to make our packaging as environmentally friendly as possible. Our cardboard boxes are made from recycled paper and are recyclable. They are also printed with eco inks.

We use WoolCool insulation which uses 100% sheep’s wool inside a recyclable bag. The Wool liners can be reused in a number of ways - bedding for chickens, craft projects or even wall lining, or the wool can go straight into your compost bin.

The ice packs can be frozen and re-used in your cool bag for picnics or you can pour out the water and recycle the packets.

Currently we do vac-pack the meat in plastic as this is the best way to store it. We do our best to keep up with technological advancements in packaging and if a better solution comes along we will always give it a try.