Kid Kofta Kebab with Sumac

A crowd-pleaser. Kofte is the term used in many parts of the world for a type of meatball that is essentially meat on a stick. Enjoy experimenting with different spice combinations.

Recipe time: Prep 10 mins; Cook 10 mins.


500g goat mince

50g butter, melted

1 small onion, coarsely grated or blended

2 cloves garlic, finely chopped or crushed 

1 tbsp sumac

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

½ tsp turmeric 

½ tsp sweet paprika

A small pinch of saffron (optional)

6 metal or bamboo skewers (if using bamboo make sure you soak for 30 mins in cold water first)


  1. Mix the goat mince with the onion, garlic, ½ tbsp sumac, ½ the butter, the remaining spices, ½ tsp salt and a generous grind of black pepper. Give the mix a really good knead. Kneading gives the meat a soft texture so don’t be shy to knock it about.
  2. Form the mince into 6 flat sausage shapes and insert a skewer into each and leave in the fridge until cooking.
  3. Grill the kofte over flame, under the grill or cook in a pan for 3 – 5 minutes on each side or until beginning to char and cooked to your liking.
  4. Brush with the remaining butter and sprinkle with the remaining sumac.
  5. Serve with flatbread or saffron rice (if you’ve used and have saffron), and tomato salad in summer or grilled vegetables in winter. A small bunch of parsley goes down well too.