The shop is back open and we have made a change.

After an unexpected closure of the shop in the run up to Christmas, I am delighted to say we are back selling goat meat to the public.  The reason it closed is too long and too boring to go into here but suffice to say we have a new butcher and have reorganised the way we work the website shop side of things.

Part of the reorganisation is a decision to move a frozen offer.  When we first started out we thought fresh was the way to go, it was what I had been used to cooking with for years in commercial kitchens.  However, with experience and having spoken to some regular customers, we have decided to make the switch.  In reality (we have been told) much of the delivery goes straight in the freezer as soon as it is delivered anyway.  Furthermore, from stock balance and waste point of view, it is much better for us.

We are company founded on the idea of stopping food waste.  Putting all that effort into getting these animals reared only to loose a percentage of the meat product because some cuts sell better than others is crazy.   Freezing the product allows us to manage the process better and reduce the waste.  Perhaps the biggest advantage is that we can be absolutely confident the meat reaches you in the best condition. We can cut, pack and freeze on day one, which locks in the freshness.  Take it out of the freezer the night before you need to cook it and its as fresh as the day it arrived with us, which is how it should be.

So looking ahead, what does 2020 hold for Cabrito?  The answer is…loads.  Next week we have an exciting announcement about a new partner we have started to work with.  I am very much looking forward to being able to tell you all about it, so keep an eye on the instagram account.  I have signed a contract to write another book and I’m delighted and a little bit humbled.  It is incredible to have the opportunity to do one, but to get a second, well when I look at all the cook books on my shelves, I can’t believe I am one of those people.

Thats it for now.


James Whetlor

Owner at Cabrito.