Goatober Trinidad… Yep that’s right, Trinidad.

A few month’s a go a friend of mine Bob Granleese  put me in touch with a woman called Franka Philip.  Franka, a native of Trinaidad, had until recently been working at the BBC in London (if you work in food or media in London, sooner or later you’ll run into Bob.  He knows everyone…) and after 14 years returned home.   Somehow Franka had heard about my book, Goat, and wanted to get hold of a copy.  After she told me that it ‘might take years’ if I just put one in the post,  she managed to find someone who was doing the London – Trinidad journey and was willing to courier a copy.

That’s the short version of how I met Franka and how my book ended up on a Trinidadian daytime TV cooking show. It’s also the short version of how Goatober landed in the Caribbean. Now, it may seem odd to you that people in to food in the Caribbean need any help from a guy brought up in the Devon countryside with cooking goat meat, it certainly does to me.  But as Franka points out on the show, in the Caribbean they only really cook it one way, the world famous Curry Goat.

You can watch the show ‘Cup of Joe‘  via the links below:




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