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Join us today and help keep the UK goat dairy industry moving to a more sustainable future. You can support British farming and help us fulfil our mission of getting all the UK dairy goats into the food chain.


We’re Crowdfunding!

Cabrito requires investment to build its own butchery and dedicated packing site to meet growing demand, improve its customer service and exploit its position in the market.


Our Story

Cabrito takes previously euthanised goats, has them reared for meat, and sells them online and wholesale.

Kid goats are a waste product of the UK dairy industry. You can't milk male goats so, in the dairy system, they have no purpose. And, with the UK having no cultural history of eating goat meat, the overwhelming majority are euthanised at birth.

Cabritos founders believe that in a world where we have to be mindful of the resources we have, it isn't acceptable that perfectly healthy animals are euthanised at birth instead of going into the food system.


Meet James, co-founder of Cabrito and ‘The Goatman’ in this short video

James wrote award-winning book, Goat: Cooking and Eating (Quadrille, 2016) that includes 100 recipes from him and renowned chefs including household names Yotam Ottolenghi, Hugh Fearnely-Whittingstall, Jermey Lee & Olia Hercules.

His debut cookbook, it won a James Beard Award (USA) and a Guild of Food Writers Award (UK).

James has since written best selling Big Green Egg Cookbook (2020) and has a contract for a third BBQ cookbook due out in 2023.

Our UK Farmers

We work directly with the UK goat dairy industry. Delamere, one of the industry leaders and supermarket brands, invested in Cabrito in 2016. All of the goats we sell are reared on the farms on which they are born.

We take the husbandry seriously. All of the farms have the highest welfare standards and are all independently audited to ensure those standards are maintained. Cabrito supports British farming by giving farmers a new revenue stream and in our post-Brexit world where supermarket shelves will be filled with meat that's travelled halfway around the world, this provides a home grown alternative.

Meet Will Frost, the 2019 Farmers Weekly Dairy Farmer of the Year.
Meet Will Frost, the 2019 Farmers Weekly Dairy Farmer of the Year.

Our Success So Far...

Cabrito has won multiple awards since it's inception but perhaps its greatest success is the change it's created in the dairy system itself. Today these goats are seen as an asset, rather than a waste product.

The Observer

Observer food Monthly Winner 2014 Best Producer

Good House Keeping Logo

Good Housekeeping winner 2016 Champion Meat Producer

BBC Food and Farming Awards

BBC R4 Food and Farming Awards Finalist 2017

The YBFs

Young British Foodies Winner Meat Award 2016

Sustainbale restuarant Association

Sustainable Restaurant Association winner 2018


Cabrito goat main course’s championed in 2015 & 2016

Our Happy Customers

Cabrito in the grill at Temper restaurant, soho
Cabrito in the grill at Temper restaurant, soho

Where is the value?


  • Online web sales grew 345% in 2020 but crucially in 2021 have grown 48%.
  • Venison sales (closest comparison) in the UK are £14.4million pa.
  • Already supplying national restaurant brand & supermarket supplier.
  • Pre-pandemic we supplied some of the UK's top restaurants


PA London restaurant sales pre pandemic



Increase in online sales 2020 YOY



Increase in online sales 2021 YOY

The Market Potential:

We believe, if all the kids were kept alive in the UK, the industry is worth over £5million a year.

Our Unique Position:

Cabrito is in a unique position because we have no direct competition. With our partner-investors, Delamere Dairy Ltd, one of the UK’s largest goat dairy companies, we have a secure supply chain.

We’re Well Established:

Cabrito has a loyal online customer base and robust pre pandemic restaurant sales. We benefit from strong industry relationships and already supply a national restaurant chain.

How Does Investing Work?

You can buy equity in Cabrito from as little as £10 and join us on our journey to make money while reducing food waste.

  • Your investment buys equity (shares) in Cabrito. Over time we hope the value of your shares will increase.
  • As an investor you will receive a reward for your investment, depending on how much you invest.
  • CrowdCube will act as your ‘broker’ but we are here to answer any questions.
  • Cabrito is eligible for EIS meaning you can claim up to 30% income tax relief on your investment. Please read here for further details.
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